Two different takes on The Star-Spangled Banner, one heart-warming and one respectfully funny.

Yesterday was a star-spangled banner day. While following baseball news, our family found a story about American softball fans who when told there would be no national anthem sung at an NCAA regional, they sang it anyway. Click this link to see the video of spontaneous song.

Later in the day I was online searching for quotes and other material related to high school and college graduations, I found the following video. As a straight-forward gal and a baseball fan who sings the national anthem often at games, I prefer it sung with few flourishes. Maya Rudolph’s parody of over-dramatic renditions made me laugh. She even managed to include Take Me Out To The Ballgame.

Do you enjoy singing your national anthem? At what events do you hear your national anthem? Do you have favorite national anthem performance? I still love Whitney Houston’s performance before Super Bowl XXV in 1991 ❤

Warmly ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

17 thoughts on “Two different takes on The Star-Spangled Banner, one heart-warming and one respectfully funny.

  1. I would have to agree that a clean, streamlined, no frills “Banner” is my favorite at any event. I don’t think there is a bad version of it, unless we are speaking of bad pitch, which sounds similar to my version. Thanks for sharing that video, very funny, love her in Bridesmaids!

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  2. I sing along, softly but proudly, with my cap off and held over my heart, Angie McFly. I prefer versions that approach our anthem respectfully and AT THE PROPER TEMPO. Please do not slow it down to a crawl. Move along, little doggie, let’s sing our song, please and thank you!

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    • Exactly, Mark! LOL! Dear Lord I can barely sing our anthem as it is, never mind having to hoooooooold notes and wonder when the next one is coming. Move along, little doggie…too funny 😀


  3. A lot of singers approach it as a vocal exercise with the rollacoaster voice movements. Just sing it naturally, respectful and proud. You right about Whitney Houston performance ❤ WOW ❤

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    • Right. While I appreciate vocal talent, for the national anthem I prefer that the vocalist become…transparent…just let the powerful words and history shine through the singer’s talent. When it crossed over some line and becomes about the singer…sort of misses the point for me. Wasn’t Whitney Houston *darling*. It could have been sooooo about her, but somehow it just wasn’t. Miss her.

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  4. I lol’d (is that a word?) at Maya doing this Beyonce takeoff. I did wonder if there were some who might find it disrespectful. Still…really funny. I heard she did part of her speech as Beyonce as well, so the crowd was prepared. ☺

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    • Agreed. I saw it as a parody of singers in general, Beyonce in particular…not a diss of the anthem. I didn’t know that part of her speech led to the connection. I want to be a comedian when I grow up!

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    • Yes! That reminds me of a time at Dbacks stadium when an elderly lady sang it, messed up some words, started again, finished strong, and everyone loved her! One of the loudest applause I’ve ever heard.


  5. Oh, the National Anthem brings me to my feet, and to tears, every. single. time. I do not like the vocal antics that some singers use – this is our anthem, not a competition to see how many extra notes you can add! Simple accapella is my favorite way. 🙂

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