Any questions for Press Publish Phoenix conference? #WordPress #blog

Inspiration and better tools for blogging are on their way to Phoenix via WordPress and Press Publish, a one-day conference featuring inspiring WordPress bloggers and the people behind

I need to (cram) prepare for the big day, April 18, 2015. There is a blog to scour. Speaker introductions to ponder. Discussions from Press Publish Portland to enjoy. A reception and Happiness Lounge to anticipate.

Personally, I want to collect questions this week, for example, how do you make the most of a purchased template and the package that goes with it? I thought you might have some questions, too.

By chance, will you attend this conference? Would you attend a conference of this type if it was hosted in your area? What questions would you ask?

Paddle boats are calling my name ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

6 thoughts on “Any questions for Press Publish Phoenix conference? #WordPress #blog

  1. Angie – I would attend most any learning conference involving wordpress. There’s so much I’d love to learn and it escapes me as I sit here, one woman and her keyboard. I am awe of how your blog has grown and developed from when I first started reading you. You are indeed becoming a force to reckon with on multiple fronts.
    Today, in talking with another blogging friend, I passed on your link. I’d told her about my salad jars for months and she wanted to know how I first learned of them and of course – credit was due. I’ve renamed my salads, the are now known as ‘Angie’s Celebrations in a Jar.’

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    • Sheri! You are too good to me!!! I accept your salad jar compliment and will look to name a tofu recipe after you in our near future 😀 I’m so fortunate to have a handful of followers who met me early and, God bless them, stayed with me. It’s rough, as you know, to connect via a blog early on. Somehow I was blessed to be connected with great people who set a fine example and gave me encouragement during the early growing pains. Yours, Sheri, was one of the first voices that I could hear and who took the time to connect with me via comments. Plus, you have a killer blog, especially as it connects to important and valuable content. What you do, across the board, isn’t easy. Yet you do your work with such apparent ease. I look forward to us continuing to learn and grow together. How fortunate are we?!

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