Don’t send a man to the grocery store. #funny

December equals more shopping than any other month of the year. Because so much more shopping is needed, I become desperate enough to ask my men to go to the grocery store. With gratitude and trepidation, I make lists. Then I verbally clarify the lists. Then I cross my fingers.

If you empathize, watch this video. If you don’t, I’m jealous 😀

Thank you, sondasmcschatter, for sharing a laugh!

Are you a shopper? Do you like shopping? Do you have shopping help?

Enjoy your week! ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

7 thoughts on “Don’t send a man to the grocery store. #funny

  1. I used to like shopping, but the kids pretty much did that in. (not even the book store which was my favorite). My hubby gets creative and likes to especially go for me when he is hungry……… need I say more?

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  2. Angie – Almost everyone knows I hadn’t been in a grocery store or cooked anything with more than 3 ingredients in over 20 years until about 6 weeks or so when it became evident that Tom would not be returning to his regular activities anytime in the near future. Previous to Tom becoming so ill this time, I always waited out whatever periods of time he couldn’t market and cook by ordering out. I finally had to face the fact that if we were going to eat healthy, I had to get serious. This has led to some blogs I’ll be writing when I come back from my break.
    Have a wonderful Christmas.


  3. Ha! Actually, Dane is pretty good about those kinds of things, but I try to not ever ask him.

    I am blessed enough to have a grocery delivery service, which is a Godsend since I don’t have a car. And Dane is really good at clicking the “add to cart” button if there’s something he really wants. 😀 He’s almost as skilled at it as I am, lol.

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