Get out the door fast! #family #travel #organize

blog travelCan you say sandy beach, room service, and new foodie finds? That’s all the motivation we need to get out the door and enjoy some special family time together. The actual getting out the door part can be a draaaaag but with some simple preparations, toes will touch the sand fast.

Create a 3 ring travel binder. Ours is red which is helpful when yelling, “Get the RED binder!” because yelling, “Get the TRAVEL binder!” has proven to cause complete confusion on the part of anyone other than me.  Include lists for what to bring for specific locations, specialty items for family members, and activities.  Basically, list all the stuff that you realized a few miles from your home you had forgotten on your last trip.  For example, we have tips for San Diego that include names of restaurants and where to park.  We have reminders to bring certain jewelry and tech for me.  And what about the camp fire sticks for roasting marshmallows? Don’t want to forget those. Write or print the lists on card stock and place each in page protector. Update lists after each trip. Add take-out menus, travel games, plain paper, anything flat.   BONUS: This binder becomes full of travel memories 😀

Create a Golden Box. Purchase a large, sturdy, clear container with a secure lid that can roughly double as a table. Fill it with items that make traveling more comfortable, convenient, and less costly:

Pajama rolls 1 per person for a quick overnight stay
Eating-ware paper and plastic plates, bowls, cups, utensils, napkins, etc.
Cleaning supplies wipes, spray, garbage and ziplock bags, camping soap, etc.
Kitchen supplies large bowel and/or dish pan to hold food or wash items, sharp knife, corkscrew, bottle opener, shot glass, you can see where I’m going with this, etc.
Health items vitamin C packets, pain reliever, etc.
First aid kit
Shelf stable food granola bars, tuna packets, nuts, crackers, salt and pepper, etc.
Games deck of cards, colored pencils, etc.
Travel binder

Grab and go!

What are your favorite travel tips? What items make traveling more comfortable, convenient, or affordable for you? What items will you most likely forget to pack? How often do you travel? Do you prefer long or short trips? What’s your favorite destination?

Safe travels ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

10 thoughts on “Get out the door fast! #family #travel #organize

  1. Since we now live in a resort area, we don’t travel to those types of destinations anymore. All trips are now to visit family members and we travel by car – since we have a dog who doesn’t like the kennel. I never leave without 2 good books on audiotape. Makes the ride very pleasant.

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    • Audiotapes are worth their weight in expensive Italian cheese! And, oh how I wish we could drive to visit family. We’re all so skattered! But my sister just moved to Texas so we’re talking about our families driving and meeting somewhere in New Mexico 🙂

      Happy Monday, Jovina 😀


  2. Great ideas! Our trips now are all just road trips to the store, church, daycare and the park. ha but as long as we have diapers and snacks, we figure we’ll survive. ha
    Love the travel binder idea! I may have to adopt that in a few years!

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  3. Angie… We usually go to Pinamar here in Argentina. I ❤ the beach… Otherwise I stay here… And enjoy the swimming pool and my free time in BA… I like your post … I felt I wanna grab my things and go away from crowd… Such a Temptation, right!?
    I hope all is doing fine over there. All the very best to you and your family ❤ Aquileana 😀

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