You too can make 50 burritos and find true (frozen) love. #food #organize

Freezer Batch Cooking, Day 1 (5 different frozen burritos) is one of those finds via a google search that you just pinch yourself and ask, “Did someone really figure this out so I don’t have to?”  Why yes indeed!

When the notion, “I need a million burritos in my freezer,” first blinked in my mind, even I thought it was wacky.  Then I thought a bit more about our family’s wacky needs and came up with a simple criteria.  I wanted burritos that were made from a variety of whole foods, were heavy on vegetables, and tasted great.  So, this past weekend I spent one day, with the help of my (couldn’t have done it without them) men, making burritos for our hectic month ahead.

Swoon ~~~~  What a relief to know there is food aplenty, food a-ready.  Move over, Chipotle; make room for my frozen burritos love.

Do you prepare food in bulk?  What are your favorite burritos?  If you were to make 50 of any one food, what would it be?  What foods do you freeze that is single servve? 

Have a great week! ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

16 thoughts on “You too can make 50 burritos and find true (frozen) love. #food #organize

  1. It is a great technique to make a double batch when you cook so you have another meal in the freezer for busy nights —but 50 burritos –I don’t think so.
    I also like to keep portions sizes of pasta sauces in the freezer, so that is another quick night. I think what works best for the freezer are dishes that taste good after being frozen and reheated, like stews, meatloaf or eggplant parmesan.

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    • LOL! I didn’t think so either, but desperate times call for desperate burritos! Now that it’s cooling of I will definitely be putting together individual serving of stews. I just made a yummy batch of chili 🙂

      Oh how I wish I could enjoy your eggplant parmesan! It is such a labor of love to make it. My mom would make it for me on my birthday because it was my fave! When I have more time, it is one recipe I would love to master.

      Thanks, Jovina ❤


    • Exactly, Jill. The only burritos I’ve been freezing for a few years have been made with shelf-stable shredded beef I purchase at Costco wrapped in a tortilla. If I’m really excelling that day, I’ll toss in some salsa and cheese. Lackluster but serves a utilitarian purpose. It was definitely time to mix it up with an emphasis on veggies 🙂

      Do let me know if you find different combinations you like!


      • I hear ya about food and difficulty digesting. I’ll get test results back regarding food allergies next week. The results may affect the content of my burritos, but the principal of burritos should still work. Fingers crossed!

        Have a great week, Sheri 🙂


  2. Oh my goodness, you just reminded me that I have to make meatloaf for my husband’s lunch! *facepalm* It’s only 10:30 pm, d’oh!

    I like to make what I call “meatloaffins” because I make them in muffin tins, so I can pop a couple from the freezer into his lunch. Plus, since they’re smaller, they cook faster, too.

    Okay, off to mix a batch, then back to try to catch up on my blog stuff! *hugs*

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