Honeycrisp apple, my favorite. #health #food

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I literally let out a “Yes!” of happiness at my neighborhood grocery store at the first siting of my very favorite apple of the season, Honeycrisp.

Now, I love all apples (except for Red Delicious, poor thing ) but the Honeycrisp is by far the best to eat.  Surely, I’ll bake with Granny Smith and MacIntosh and I’ll snack on a Gala or Roma but none compare.  Pricey and worth every cent.

What is your favorite apple?  Do you have a favorite apple recipe?

Have a delicious week! ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

15 thoughts on “Honeycrisp apple, my favorite. #health #food

    • Isn’t it lovely?! Like a little kid waiting for a present, each fall I’m gleefully surprised with this little gift 🙂 I’m even happier when I catch them on sale, ever so rarely, lol.


  1. I love those apples as well, although I honestly didn’t know the name of them.. The only apples I really don’t like are the “delicious”, esp the red. I just don’t like the texture. My husband and my oldest son actually grew an apple tree from seeds about 9 yrs ago, we moved to a different state and dug it up and brought it with us, this year it actually produced many apples. I can’t remember what kind they are and I’m actually pretty sure it’s cross pollinated with the neighbor’s crabapple tree, but they are still crisp and good and even better, a memory between a boy and his dad who planted it from seeds they kept from an apple we bought at a store. That’s probably my favorite apple, just for the nostalgia!

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