Stay hydrated with chia fresca. #food #health #summer

chia frescaChia Fresca has proven to be one of my favorite ways to stay hydrated in the hot Arizona desert.  Yes, it’s still hot here!

I mix 1.5 tablespoons of chia seed in a quart mason jar then fill with water.  Place a lid on the jar and give it a shake.  Let it rest for a few minutes and give it another shake to minimize clumping (If I forget to shake it twice now, I can always shake out the clumps prior to serving.)  Place jar in the refrigerator.

Here’s my routine.  Each day I shake the Chia Fresca jar then pour a cup into a glass.  I either drink it as is or I add Bai5 to dilute and add flavor.  I place the jar back into the refrigerator.  When I’ve poured my last serving a few days later, I prepare the next batch.  Easy and wonderful!

Do you eat (or drink!) chia seed?  If so, I would love to hear how.  What are your favorite beverages?

Happy weekend ❤  ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

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