The Best Day of My Life. Music on which a family can agree. #Spring #Growth #Parenting

The Best Day of My Life by American Authors caught my ear and I felt super cool bringing the song to my teen son, Ian. Too late; he was already humming along with this catchy, light tune. I have a soft spot for youth anthem songs. You know, the ones that roll out every spring just in time for graduations, weddings, and warm weather fun of all kinds.  Think 2012’s We Are Young by FUN.

Mamas and papas, don’t expect too much of these songs.  And I mean that in a good way.   Some of you serious-minded adults are thinking, “But this song is meaningless” or “But this song is superficial” or “But this song is rebellious.”  But be at peace.  Not every song needs to be perfectly meaningful in the same way that the world needs cookies.  And superficiality can be chocolate for the soul in disguise.  And rebellion in small doses can help stretch a teen into adulthood.  Some songs just get a bunch of people singing spontaneously at the same time with great confidence and good cheer! That’s happy relationship building right there.

So go ahead and enjoy the dog version lyric video and watch this rescue pup “lose control” and sing along with this upbeat tune. While you’re at it, grab the person next to you to sing along. This just may be the best day of your liiiives your li i i i i i ives.

As always, tell me about the songs, movies, books. etc. that make your life enjoyable! Thanks 🙂

Sing on ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

8 thoughts on “The Best Day of My Life. Music on which a family can agree. #Spring #Growth #Parenting

    • Don’t stop…believen’….hold on to that feelininnn 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my friend! I hope that you’ll check out my “Music” tag on my sidebar because I think you’ll like checking out the lyrics of current songs that you can enjoy, especially with your older two. And, I’ve already put in a plug for Tom Petty. Journey soon 🙂


    • Wise woman. And if I’m going to have a song stuck in my head, “This is going to be the best day of my liiiiiife” is a good one 🙂

      What other songs are you listening to now? Always looking for blog material 🙂


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