Safe and Sound. Music on which a family can agree. #Lifestyle

This is the first lyric music video I’ve posted that transforms the lyrics themselves into something special. Using stop motion and other creative ways of spelling out words, we enjoyed watching it, especially the smiling cotton balls. And speaking of music videos that transform the lyrics themselves, Ness at Vanessence shared a fun one from Matchbox 20, Our Song which is quickly becoming a favorite here.

Back to the song, the lyrics are sweet, loving, and simple. The title is what we want for ourselves and those we love, to be free from danger or injury. And not just physical harm, but hurts of the heart and soul. The tune is upbeat and 80’s techno danceable. Speaking of the 80’s, I first saw Capital Cities singing Safe and Sound on television New Year’s Eve.  The tall singer looked so much like the tall singer of Spandau Ballet that I couldn’t get the song True out of my head for days.  You’ve been warned.

♪ Ha-ha-ha, ha-ah-hi ♪ I know this much is true ♪Safe and Sound is a light, bright song worth giving a listen.

What music are you enjoying?

Even if the sky is falling down, I know we’ll be safe and sound ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

15 thoughts on “Safe and Sound. Music on which a family can agree. #Lifestyle

  1. Today, it is the exception when good music is paired to good lyrics. Unlike the 80’s, when musical genius was the norm (Sting, need I say more?). Nice find, and nice that you took the time to notice the value of a positive message.


    • Thank you, Dean 🙂 And of course, you are right; visions of Rick Astley and Wham! dancing in my head, lol. Are there any new songs that your whole family like? One Direction?


  2. Ha! The cotton balls were awesome! The crash test dummies costumes were a great touch, too. 🙂 Thanks for the lift!

    And thanks for the linky love too. 🙂 You’re so sweet. *hugs*


  3. Love the song and lyrics. The video is sooo creTive! Cora really likes Philip Phillips. He has some great music with meaningful lyrics: Gone, gone, gone. and Home. He’s a winner from that “other” talent show. (;


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