Kids clothes in rubber bands. #Home #Travel #Parenting

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. ~ William James #quote

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. ~ William James #quote

Because simple ideas can make life easier and every little thing we do with love matters…

Layer shorts, shirt, underwear, socks, in that order. Roll. Hold together with a rubber band. Place rolls in drawer. If your child is picky about clothing, have them help make the outfits.

This idea also works well for all ages when traveling.

What simple ideas help your family to function well?

Wonderful Wednesday to all ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

17 thoughts on “Kids clothes in rubber bands. #Home #Travel #Parenting

  1. I think you just solved my boy’s pj drawer problem! Wow! It is always a mess and my youngest is always wearing mismatched top and bottom. Which isn’t a big deal, but he does it because he can’t find anything in the drawer. Thanks!


    • You’re welcome, Cassie! It’s great, too, when they need to grab an extra outfit when going on an outing. No muss, no fuss 🙂 Thank you for commenting ❤


    • Absolutely true! The difference in a day AND need to get rid of clothes 🙂 It is rather sweet, though, when kids hold onto certain clothes…the ones that make them run faster, jump higher!


  2. Well, since I don’t have children, except a Big Kid Called *My Husband*…..this is a Great Idea!!…..LOL…DID you happen to here your hubby say in his Marriage Vow’s…..”MY wife has to pick out what I wear, till death do us Part”???…..LOL…What happens? DO OUR Husbands lose their ability to Dress when they get married?…LOL…Great Post!

    Which is why I am *Sharing & have nominated you for, *The Sisterhood Of The World* bloggers Award! I just love what you share here for all of us Women!! If you chose to share this award, all the Details to copy & paste are on my blog: Listed as *A New Fabulous Blog Award* post or page!! *CONGRATS* Angie! *Catherine* 🙂 🙂


    • Cat! You make me laugh and think and I just enjoy reading your blog! Your generosity warms my heart and, now just thinking about you rolling your husbands outfits makes me laugh again!

      And thanks so much for thinking of me for an award! I gratefully accept…less about me being deserving and more as I would a generous offer of chocolate cake with lots of frosting! Now, being new to this, it may take a bit for me to get organized, but know that you are a gem and I’m grateful that your light shines brightly through your blog ❤


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