No bunting, only hit dingers, and a few funny thoughts on when life produces a home run or two.

This past Friday, word made it from Arizona to Washington that my son, Ian, hit his first home run in a high school game. This ball is… outta here!

While I wasn’t there physically for this monumental moment, I was there. Saturday morning I talked to Ian on the phone and had him describe every little detail. Batting in the four hole. First at bat. Count was 3 and 1. He knew he hit it hard. The ball kept rising until it cleared the 350′ left center-field wall. Estimated length, 385′. Crushed!

“It could be, it might be… It is, A home run!” ~ Harry Caray

My three sons live and breathe baseball, therefore, so do I. At our home, talk about the home run ball hit an all-time high this past year. I would like to say it has to do with the excellence of the feat, and it does, but it also has a lot to do with Coach Kent Murphy. If you are into baseball, lowbrow humor, or YouTube, check him out. Murphy would be proud that Ian didn’t bunt. Dinger!

Resurgence of the term “dinger” for a home run is because of this comedian. Out of many possible names for the home run, to include long ball, moon shot, and touch ’em all, dinger is my least favorite. But I look past the innuendo and double meanings to see the laughs this gives baseball players. And boy do players and their loved ones need to laugh. This game is grueling.

Home runs are years in the making. And some baseball players never hit a home run. During the recent high school spring season, Ian saw that I wouldn’t be attending his game. He asked, “Is it OK if I hit a home run while you’re not there, Mom?” I answered, “That’s fine son, but not too many.” We laughed. Well, on Friday he did crush the ball while I was visiting his sister. And guess what? On Saturday, he hit the ball outta here again, this one to help win the game.  Two days, two home runs. Going, going, gone!

There can never be too many dingers.

Have you ever hit a home run? What’s your favorite term for a home run? Does humor help you to get through difficult work? Are you a YouTube fan?

Outta here 😀 ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

Photo Credit: Twitter

30 thoughts on “No bunting, only hit dingers, and a few funny thoughts on when life produces a home run or two.

  1. Way to go, Cody! Touch ’em all! That was our congratulations for a home run. Moon shot. Tater tot. So many good names for the four-bag blast, Angie McFly! Be proud of the player. That’s a special feat. I was not a big blaster in baseball. I became more able to clear the decks in slow-pitch softball in my adult years. Back-back-back see ya!

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  2. aww that is just so sweet…Were you into baseball when you were younger? I love that bc it is their passion, it is now yours! And how cute he asked if he could hit a home run when you weren’t there. AND that he did!!! I don’t know anything about baseball, but that had to be so exhilarating for him (and you!)

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    • I grew up in football country, Jill! Now I don’t know how I lived without baseball! And now I want everyone that I love to love baseball, too. So, Jill, can I talk you into baseball?! 😀 I really appreciate that you’re picking up the lovely family nuance that parents aren’t the only influencers in the family mix. I love many people, activities, thoughts, etc., that my children have brought to me. So grateful!


    • It *was* character building, Scott! Every single kid who attempts to hit a round ball with a round bat is a hero! I’ll give Ian your congratulations and…he agrees with you 😀


  3. Congrats to your son on the home runs!!! I think humor is an important aspect of life and lightens the load all the way around! Now…..trying to think back many many years ago….did I ever hit a home run…..I think the best I ever did was a double….maybe a triple….and we are talking many moons ago:)

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    • Hey, you hit the ball, Kirt, which is more than I can say for myself when I was young! My humor wheelhouse has expanded quite a bit with all the characters in my family. Little boy humor? Ya, I get it 😀 Thanks for the congrats and I’m gladly pass them onto Ian ❤

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  4. What a great moment for your son, Angie, both in the home run, and the way he was able to share it with you. Priceless. 💕 For the record, not sure I ever made contact with the ball/bat. It wasn’t pretty, and I lived in a neighborhood of boys who had to pick teams…ugh. Funny that I turned out to be a huge MLB fan. ☺

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    • I was always quick on my feet, so racing, dodgeball, skating, skiing…but absolutely no hand/eye coordination. My boys are rubbing off on me though! I can play a legit game of wiffle ball now 😀 And, me too…never saw this baseball love coming my way. Terrific!

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