Follow my new #blog, Angie Mc’s Reblog Love. Curating #great posts from my favorite bloggers ❤

I’ve created a new blog, Angie Mc’s Reblog Love, for the sole purpose of reblogging the bloggers who make me smile, make me think, and help me to be better.

This roughly organized assembly of characters, and I mean that oh so tenderly, write about a variety of interests and talents with voices that ring true and touch hearts.

And I love that they care about the social part of this social media platform called blogging. Their likes, comments, and example make people happy. How very kind.

Do you reblog?  Why or why not?  Do you want to be reblogged? If yes, link to your post in the comments and I’ll check it out!

Sending Arizona sunshine your way ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

22 thoughts on “Follow my new #blog, Angie Mc’s Reblog Love. Curating #great posts from my favorite bloggers ❤

  1. Angie I just realized that I had to cancel following your old blog and sign up with the new. Emails were coming through with the new posts via the old format but I could not open them from the email. Other readers may not know that.

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    • Thanks for taking the time to give me feedback, Jovina. Wow, I’m confused! So, if you follow “Family Life Is More” via email, “Angie Mc’s Reblog Love” is coming through in addition, or instead of? Sheesh, I assumed that they were separate…unless there is some way to follow “me” instead of individual blogs? Dear, I don’t want to cause confusion! Any words of advice are welcome!


  2. Oh, my, good luck with it.

    I do some reflagging; I feel more comfortable doing this with my mathematics blog than with my humor blog, although I feel a little presumptuous doing it to either. It takes an inexplicable bit of courage on my part.


    • Thanks, Joseph! At first I assumed that reblogs were generous and well-received by all. Then I saw angst over them. Since the last thing I want to do is cause angst, or confusion for that matter, I thought I’d give a second blog a try. In the mean time, I’m getting feedback that some of the followers of my main blog are now having trouble. I think they are receiving emails from Angie Mc with links to my new blog for which they haven’t followed. Goodness, there’s always something new to learn via blogging, lol! Oh, and what I think makes my reblog blog (der) easier is that it isn’t content based per say, it is blogger based, reblogging folks I know, at least in a blogging sense 🙂

      Hope you and your lovely bride have a sweet weekend. Thanks so much for your help!


    • Why thanks, Kate! I’m very fortunate to have hung around this blogging world for a bit now and have come to enjoy some of the best people, like you! I especially love how you merge your passion for fashion and art with your passion for your family and friends at your blog. Awesome.


    • I’m really enjoying the new blog, Ness. When I changed the theme of my first blog, the reblogs that I used to do just didn’t fit. So I really like having a place to put the posts, and bloggers, I love. Like you!

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