November Roll Call: What’s your favorite color? #fun

If you have a minute to spare this week, I would love to read a quick comment from you, plus I promise to reply back 😀  The first of the month seems a fine time to say, “Hello!”   A straight forward hello absolutely works, a quick update about what’s new with you is great, or a link to one of your posts is fab. Or here are a few questions to get your neurons firing this cool, crisp day.

What’s your favorite color?  Do you wear this color often?  Is it the color of your eyes?  Do you paint your walls this color?

How is life treating you?  Are you enjoying a nice patch?  Or a rough patch?

How is your blogging?  What blogs are you reading?  What is your next social media goal?

This roll call is also an effort to find, keep, and introduce followers to each other by providing a doable, encouraging, and engaging blog environment.  (For a thought-provoking take on “Followers vs. Readers” check out LindaGHill Life in Progress.  Thank you, Linda!)

A warm welcome to new followers.  To all, thanks a bunch for your follow, likes, and comments!  I never take you or your valuable time for granted.

Wishing you a noble and noteworthy November  ❤ ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc

54 thoughts on “November Roll Call: What’s your favorite color? #fun

  1. Hi Linda! Great idea ! Your blog for me is a cheerful place rather like the person I think you are ?! We write what we are, I suppose.

    My blog is slowly picking up at
    Not yet going the way I want it to. Feedback would be nice 🙂

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    • Hello VV! Thank you for commenting and for your feedback. I do value and strive for cheerfulness and being approachable. While I never want to deny that hardship and suffering are real, kindness and caring can help and heal.

      I remember when we first met! Your desire to free your voice touched me. I, too, want to have a very free voice in life and on my blog. Part of the challenge for me and blogging is that my voice gets tangled up with my limited writing skill! None the less, I continue to try, work hard, and just enjoy communicating and connecting to the best of my ability.

      Your blog is beautiful! It is warm and cozy, and invitation to your part of the world, India. Your words are very thoughtful, kind, clear. I wish you every success! Keep up the good effort ❤

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  2. Good morning, Angie and happy Nov. You have thought provoking questions lined up for us. You know, favorite color may be the hardest of all. My favorite color has always been what provides me the most mental comfort at any given time. Fabric choice also has much to do with the color. Because of my career, I always dressed in a black/grey/navy tailored suit but that didn’t stop me from softening the look with an ecru silk blouse, a Jessica Mclintock lacy number, etc. I know this isn’t answering your question directly but I’m more into a total look vs a specific color. I have my office painted a pale blue and textured with gauze to make it feel like I’m in the clouds whenever I’m in my office.
    Life has been tossing me a few new challenges but all in all life is grand. My gardens are exquisite and I race the clock to have everything ready for winter. Interesting contract work is coming my way and that provides me the luxury of picking and choosing.
    I read and comment on around 200 blogs a week and am trying to carve out more time for Twitter. Facebook is a time waste for me, with the exception of keeping up with my best friend of first grade.

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    • Sheri, you are such a prolific writer and engager! I’m so pleased to be numbered among the recipients of your generosity.

      Knowing how much you give to others, it make me so happy to hear of your pretty blue office, lacy scarves, and beautiful garden. Nice!

      As for Twitter, I’m a fan. While I’m not as active there as I have been, I did learn a lot about the format and would love to be a support to you. Let me know!

      Have a wonderful Sunday and please give my regards to Tom 🙂


      • Angie, I positively adore your site. I’m also not as active on Twitter as I used to be but I try to make sure I maintain a presence as much as possible. I often leave a long comment on WordPress. That’s my style. I can always trim the words down if you prefer a briefer comment. I’m always trying to engage my readers in conversation and for the most part it works. I do a lot of promotion of blogs on Twitter. Hashtags that work for my blogs include #Mentalhealth #Military #Healthcare #Veterans and so on. Thanks for the offer. You are jewel. Sheri

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      • Thank you thank you thank you! Funny, on Twitter I’m posting my RunKeeper stats, lol!!! Yep, I need to step it up 🙂

        As for your comments, bring ’em on! Whatever the length, they are always a great read. And like your posts, the length and meat of them is an inspiration to me. I’m pondering bringing some more meat here. Yes 😀


  3. Hi Angie, my favourite colour is blue and yes I wear it a lot, though not all the time. I did paint one wall in my new bedroom a shade of blue which I like a lot.
    I am well and will soon in a few days head off on my first OS trip to Japan. An exciting time for me.
    I love blogging especially the prompts which I see as intellectually challenging such as any prompt that appears on mindlovemisery’s menagerie. Each week she and her team set a series of challenges which allow me to exercise my creativity.

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    • A trip to Japan, how exciting, Michael! Safe and joyful travels to you 🙂

      My favorite color is blue as well. Great taste 😀 Thanks for the lead to mindlovemisery’s menagerie, I’ll check it out. I’ve been exercising my creativity at the natural prompting of my 15 year old son. Because he has so many cool projects going at once, he brings me into them and inspires me with the process and product of his work. I really need such prompting because I tend to be too, too distracted with all things practical.

      Will you be posting about your trip at your blog? I sure hope so 😀


  4. Waving hello from down south!!

    Favorite color: Robin’s Egg Blue. Yes, it’s on my walls in a couple of places, but mostly in accents around the house. 🙂 Second favorite: coral. Not on walls but wear it all the time!

    Life is great! I dare not complain about a thing! I’m too blessed and always grateful! Although…I do need to get some wine chilling!!! Priorities, Jen!!

    I blog without pressure! 🙂 So…when life is full…and it is right now…blogging takes a back seat. I do really enjoy writing and sharing on my blog so when I have to be more faithful to my duties around here I’m excited when I can return to it.

    I’m not reading or doing much social-media wise right now. And…yep…totally fine with that! 🙂 I AM looking forward to being a little more active with social media though. When time allows. 🙂

    I’d love to read Linda’s post – thanks for the link!

    A blessed November to you, Angie! And a very happy All Saints Day to you, dear friend!

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    • Hello hello Jen! You have so much on your plate as it should be! Thanks so much for stopping by AND for posting your home renovation at you blog. The way you organize space and make a house a home is so inspiring!

      As I shared at your blog, I can’t wait to see your color scheme! And of course Robin’s Egg Blue…swoon 😀 Blessed Sunday, friend ❤


  5. Thanks so much for the mention, Angie. 😀
    First, my left eye is blue and the right one is green… and I haven’t painted any walls anything in the last 30 years anything but white. 😛
    I’m sooo busy these days, and in many ways it’s tough, but at least I’m not bored!
    Blogging is also busy. My Stream of Consciousness Saturday is really taking off. I’m getting well over 20 participants every week and I have to read them all! as well as other blogs I enjoy.
    Happy first of November to you, Angie. May your month be merry. 😀

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    • Linda, your SoCS is such an example of using the blogging format to build community! Good for you, your initiative, and your ability to moderate so well. All of that in addition to sharing your writing skills. Impressive.

      Have fun this month with all the great November writing opportunities. I’ll cheer you and other friends on from the sidelines. I’m better at cheering than writing 😀 Merry month to you and yours!


  6. Hello Angie! I love this idea of interactive blogging and I am so grateful you are promoting it. Let’s see, my favorite color varies from day to day but blue and purple always make me feel happy and calm. Not in dark or soft shades but so,we here right in the middle. My walls are neutral but again I prefer them that way because I love to accent with leopard print furniture and hues of brown, black and beige. Life is great right now. I have found balance and I am grateful for the depth that brings to each and every day. Happy November 🙂

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  7. My favorite is purple and all its shades. I wear it sometimes and decorate with it at certin times.
    My blogging is progressing as I want it to – steadily adding readers everyday. My work has also led to paid opportunities for writing articles for online sources. When I started blogging, very green I must say, I never thought that I would be so successful at blogging. It is comforting to know that retirement can be a whole new experience.

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    • Jovina, your blog is extraordinary. As I’ve mentioned to you before, the sheer amount of awesome that you pack into a post is an inspiration. When I first started my blog a year ago, I wanted to keep posts short and sweet. Now, I’m considering doing one lengthier post a month or so, and that’s because of your example and other bloggers who do it right. I plan to start in January!

      Congrats on the paid work and your success! Well-earned! Oh, and purple fits you perfectly 😀


  8. Hello, Angie. Life is good here in the Northlands. I’ve chosen to clear the decks for more fiction writing this month. (We’ll host only immediate family for Thanksgiving this year, for example.) And I’ve set a writing word goal for myself. I’m thinking about adding a plug-in word counter on the blog to keep myself honest, too. This is, of course, a bit of departure from the normal garden flavor of my blog, but change is good . . . right?

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    • I like your blog as-is and I like change so go for it! Are you joining in any of the November writing challenges? Cheering you on to fiction writing victory and stay cozy in the Northlands; I’ll send you sunshine whenever you need it 😀


  9. Hi my Angie McFly. My favorite color is blue. My eyes are brown. My Chevy Cruz is sky blue. My spirits are sky-high. My blog is revving like NASCAR because I am hosting team Nano Poblano for post-a-day month of November. You are a good friend, a genuine person, and I hope someday we will meet in reality world!

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    • Mark, you are the best! No kidding your blog is a WINNER (why do I feel compelled to add, winner chicken dinner?) because you work your tail off there! Good. For. You! And I do believe our paths will cross in the “real” world someday. I’m pretty sure the Northeast will be the locale and beer will be served 😀 Give my best to Karen and have a great week!


  10. Well, happy November to you! I’ve been getting into the holiday spirit lately. I guess it’s the cold weather, red starbucks cups and the fact I started working on some holiday DIY posts. It’s been nice. The holidays are such a cozy time of year. I guess it’s nice to start it early 🙂 Hope your week ahead is wonderful!

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    • Hey, Jill, I can’t wait to see your holiday goodies 😀

      I was thinking of you when I put this post together 🙂 I remember you sharing a similar intro post about a year ago and I jumped in; so glad I did!

      Back to you and your beautiful blog, I’m committed to choosing one of your DIY for this Christmas. Yes, yes, yes!!! Thanks in advance 🙂


  11. Hi Angie, what a lovely thought.

    As you know I’m an author and blog on on publishing, book marketing and writing. I’m about to publish my first children’s book, while editing the fourth book in my epic fantasy series and working on a second collection of sci fi short stories. Since I have a day job, too, there’s not much free time left in a day! 🙂

    Great to meet you! 🙂


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    • How kind of you to stop by, Nicholas! It has been a treat to meet you via Mihran, such a generous community 🙂 I adore excellent children’s books and I wish you well with yours!

      Have a terrific week and I look forward too visiting again soon 😀

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  12. What’s your favorite color? Do you wear this color often? Is it the color of your eyes? Do you paint your walls this color?

    Pink! Wait. Yellow! Wait! Pink. Oh heck. Pink and Yellow. Wish it was the color of my eyes. Once had all the walls in my house pink. 😀 Dream of a yellow kitchen.

    How is life treating you? Are you enjoying a nice patch? Or a rough patch?

    Been okay for a bit now, not complaining. Patch is not bad. 🙂

    How is your blogging? What blogs are you reading? What is your next social media goal?

    Oy! Blogging is … around here somewhere! LOL Trying so hard to catch up with things – it’s been a hectic year “e-wise.” And that’s my social media goal – to get caught up and organized with my e-life. 😀 I will prevail!

    *hugs* and ❤


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